Gun Sales

Knob Creek Gun Range stocks a wide range of guns and ammunition for sale. Some brands we stock are listed below.

Busmaster Firearms Armalite Auto Ordnance Firearms
Barrett Firearms Beretta Firearms Bersa Firearms
Double Star Firearms DPMS Panther Firearms Lock Firearms
Heckler and Koch Firearms Kahr Firearms Kel Tec Firearms
Ceksa Firearms Magnum Research In. Guns Marlin guns
Mossberg Guns Olympic arms Inc. Guns Para Ordnance Firearms
Remington guns Ruger Firearms Savage Arms - guns
Sig Sauer Firearms Springfield Armory Firearms Taurus Firearms

  • Opening Times

    Opening times


    Open 9am - 6pm every day, except Tuesday. Tuesday’s are all ours.

  • Gun101


    GUNS 101

    Questions, answers, facts and the basics, including how to choose and handle the right firearm and reasons why you should.

  • Family Friendly

    Family Friendly


    Nothing brings families together like blowing stuff apart... Safely.
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Knob Creek Gun Range sells a wide range of guns and ammunition.