Welcome To Knob Creek Gun Range

Knob Creek Gun Range is Kentucky’s premier outdoor shooting range. Located just 20 miles south of Louisville and 12 miles north of Ft. Knox we are just minutes away for your convenience. The facilities hours are 9am-6pm everyday, closed Tuesdays. Our gun shop has everything you need to enjoy a fun day of target shooting. We have a large selection of pistols, rifles and shotguns for sale along with ammo, targets, scopes and mounts, reloading supplies, hearing and eye protection and a variety of Knob Creek souvenirs. The range fee is only $10 per person per day with yearly memberships available.  Hearing and Eye Protection are Mandatory to shoot at Knob Creek.

Gun Rental

If you do not own any firearms you can rent one of ours. Almost all of our used firearms are available for rent. Gun rental is an additional $10 per gun per hour plus ammunition and targets. You have to be 18 years old to rent long guns and 21 years old to rent handguns. Children under 18 have to be accompanied by their parent or grandparent.


We offer concealed carry classes the first Saturday & Sunday, the first Monday, the third Saturday & Sunday and the forth Saturday of the month. The cost is $75 and the class lasts about 8 hours. We also have Hunter Education Classes several times a year starting in the spring. This class is free and is put on by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife. As of 2014 you have to go to Kentucky Fish & Wildlife to sign up for classes.  You can check our calendar for dates of all of our classes.

Gun safety is stressed at all times in the shop and on the range. Range officers are on the firing line to keep a safe shooting environment for young and old alike.  Hearing and Eye Protection are Mandatory to shoot at Knob Creek.

So load up the whole family and come spend the day with us. You’ll be glad you did.

Range Rules

  • All shooters must sign in and SHOW ID before firing.
  • Firearms carried to and from the firing line must be empty of ammo with the magazine out!
  • Keep all guns pointed in a safe direction…DOWN RANGE! Treat every gun as though it were loaded.
  • Hearing and eye protection are MANDATORY while shooting on the range.
  • Shooters under the age of 18 must be supervised at all times while shooting on the range.
  • All shooting will be done from the left or right side of the benches at the Orange Line, not from behind or in front of the bench.
  • Clear all ammo from your guns and insert a chamber flag when a cease-fire is called. DO NOT handle your guns when a cease-fire is on.
  • Do not fire diagonally across range. Shoot only at your targets.
  • NO GLASS of any kind, electronics, hard plastic or alcohol related items can be used for targets.
  • Anyone under the influence of drugs, alcohol or marijuana will not be allowed on the range.
  • Do not pick up brass that is not yours. Please clean your area of trash and bring your target stand in before leaving.
  • If you notice an unsafe condition, call for a cease-fire and notify the Range Officer on duty of the situation.

Featured Events

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Knob Creek Gun Range sells a wide range of guns and ammunition.