Kentuckiana Practical Defense League (KPDL)

Organized practical defense pistol matches on the second Saturday of every month.

Sign-up between 9:30 and 10:00 am.

New shooters must sign-in by 9:30 and receive a safety briefing.

Match starts at 10:00 AM and consists of 5 stages.

Cost: In addition to the KCR range fee($10), KPDL charges $10 if you are not a member of KPDL.  Member cost is $5.

Equipment Required:  Hearing and eye protection required at all times.  Shooters should bring at least 100 rounds of ammo and at least three magazines.  Stages are revolver friendly…usually!  Holsters must cover the trigger guard and be suitable for concealed carry.  No shoulder holsters, cross draw holsters, or speed holsters are allowed.  Double magazine holster preferred.  No electronic sights — iron sights only.

KPDL is a COLD range.  Weapons unloaded until told to “load and make ready” by the safety officer.  This is a practical pistol/revolver match and scoring is based on total time and target neutralization.  Targets consist of  USPSA paper silhouettes and stell poppers.  Calibers allowed: (Minor Power Factor) 9mm, 38 special and (Major Power Factor) 357 magnum, 40 S&W, 10 mm and 45acp.

For additional information you can contact:

Cole Edlin  270-234-4835


You can also check us out on facebook at: KPDL Kentuckiana Practical Defense League

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